Advantage Removables

As of July 2017, Mabel Dental Lab is proud to announce a new line of Removable restorations, our “Advantage” line of dentures and partials. Our Smile Partners love our current Removable restorations but some told us that they simply receive too little reimbursement from insurance especially on state funded plans. So even though our current Removable line is exceptionally competitively priced, these Smile Partners were looking for an even more cost-effective alternative. They were willing to wait a little longer and sacrifice some turnaround time but they did not want to sacrifice quality. As a result, we created the new Advantage line of dentures and partials! As an example of cost savings, you could save upwards of $90 on our Advantage Denture compared with our Standard Denture.

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Prescription Rx
Advantage Removables Rx

Turnaround Time
All cases and stages require eight working in lab days from the day your case is received by our office.

Local Offices
To schedule a pickup with our local courier, please call us at 1.877.622.3533 or email us at:

Nationwide Offices
For free* UPS Shipping labels, please call us at 1.877.622.3533 or email us at:
*We provide free UPS Ground Shipping when you include 2 or more cases; otherwise shipping is $4.95 each way. There is an additional fee for scheduled pick-ups or next day.