Night Guards / Bite Splints

We offer a wide range of nightguards/bite splints for every patient. They can make a huge difference for your patients who grind their teeth. Dr. Gordon Christensen has estimated that one-third of the U.S. population either bruxes or clenches their teeth, which results in tooth damage.

Hard Processed Acrylic | Eclipse (flexible hard) | Soft | Hard / Soft

Hard Processed Acrylic


Hard Nightguard

Our Hard Acrylic Night Guards are waxed and processed just like our Dentures. They are fabricated with Lucitone® Clear acrylic and injected using our Success Injection System and heat cured for maximum strength. Prescribe the hard acrylic night guard for you patients that require a rigid night guard with absolutely no flexibility. It can easily be repaired and is also easy to add to should you need to adjust the vertical.


Eclipse® Heat & Seat™ (Flexible Hard)


Let your patients experience the power, protection and comfort of the Heat & SeatTM nightguard of the Eclipse® system from Dentsply. This nightguard seats like a combination hard/soft appliance – with a hard outer layer providing a firm occlusal surface, and a soft, resilient inner lining for secure fit. It is a self-adjusting flexible nightguard. The superb accuracy permits the closest fit and can reduce post-operative chair time. The dimensional stability means fewer adjustments are done conventionally. No methyl methacrylate like acrylic splints will eliminate allergy problems. Ramps and guide planes can be added to reposition the mandible also the modified composite material is chair-side repairable. Amine-free to never yellow!

  • Optical clarity is nearly invisible while wearing
  • Material is stronger with greater stability ideal for bruxism patients
  • Self-adjusting when placed in warm water before inserting in the mouth

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Soft Nightguard


A simple vacuum formed nightguard recommended for younger patients or those with mild to moderate bruxism.





Hard / Soft Combination


Hard soft nightguards color

A clear splint designed to alleviate the pain and damage caused by bruxing or clenching of the teeth. It is the most widely prescribed bite splint available due to its comfort and fit. Two layers make up the Splint: a 1 mm soft polyurethane inner layer that rests comfortably against the teeth and gums; and a 3 mm hard, clear copolyester outer layer that provides durability and bonds with acrylic for easy modification. Each splint is made with a standard flat occlusal plane and slight opposing cusp indentation or to your specific bite plane needs. You can choose between blue, green, pink and clear colors!


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