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Cast Metal Partials

bego ultimate rpd system

Each partial denture framework from Mabel Dental Lab is cast in premium BEGO alloy. BEGO Wironit Extra-hard guarantees you ideal strength and biocompatibility, as it is one of the purest forms of chrome cobalt alloy with no nickel and no beryllium. We offer a standard BEGO Wironit Extra-hard framework as well as a premium Dentsply Vitallium 2000 framework.

BEGO_Logo Vitallium


Flexible Partials

Lucitone frsLucitone FRS is a flexible, biocompatible, thermoplastic nylon with unique physical and esthetic properties. Lucitone FRS translucency and four tissue colors allow the patient’s natural tissue tone to appear through the partial material. With Lucitone FRS, the patient gets a great fitting partial, firm enough to handle the job, yet flexible enough to provide a more comfortable fit. So comfortable, so aesthetic, no one will know a patient is wearing a partial – not even the patient. Also Lucitone FRS is stronger than the Valplast line of flexible partials:

FRS v Valplast

Lucitone FRS can also be used in combination with a metal framework to provide increased strength (see below, can be used as a substitute for metal clasps). It is also available with clear clasps and patients really love the natural look. Lucitone FRS offers a range of shades to customize not only the denture base, but the clasps. Dentists and patients can choose between pink to blend with the gingival or clear, to help hide the clasps.

valvitframe1 lucitone frs clear example Lucitone frs clear denture

The semi-crystalline nylon composition provides Lucitone FRS with:
• Strength
• Flexibility
• Transparency
• High impact resistance
• Outstanding UV and light stability
• Color stability
• Low water absorption and good dimensional stability
• Four Lucitone shades: Original, Light Pink, Light Reddish Pink & Dark Pink & Clear
• Monomer free
• Metal free

FRS Sheet



A removable partial denture consisting of one to four artificial teeth in an all-acrylic base with or without wrought wire clasps. It is used to restore anterior esthetics and maintain tooth position. A flipper can be used when standard to complex case planning requires diagnostic and prosthetic approval between the doctor and patient. (cold-cured)

Acrylic Partials

acrylic partial

A transitional partial denture that contains five or more teeth in an all-acrylic base with or without wrought wire clasps. (heat-cured/injected)

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