Porcelain fused to Metal

Save valuable chair time and money when you prescribe our PFMs. Mabel Dental Lab offers a large variety of high quality Argen® alloys combined with high quality Dentsply Ceramco® 3 porcelain. Porcelain fused to metal restorations are indicated for crowns and full-arch bridges with any metal or porcelain margin design. PFMs are also ideal for crowns & bridges used in conjunction with screw-retained implants, attachments and partial dentures.

We always use FDA-approved materials from start to finish to ensure the highest quality and all PFMs come with an IdentAlloy® sticker for your patients’ safety and well-being. These stickers can be put into your patient’s files for future reference and record keeping.

Porcelain fused to Metal Options

A high strength, nickel chromium alloy designed specifically for our Ceramco® 3 Porcelain.

Noble / Semi-precious
The most common and still the highest selling alloy on the market today, it is micro-fined grained to provide superior physical properties for all types of crown and bridge structures.

High Noble / Precious
The most economical High Noble alloy on the market. This versatile alloy casts, finishes, solders and laser welds very easily, with broad porcelain compatibility. It has exceptional strength, and allows for the fabrication of any type of PFM restoration, including implants.

Yellow Gold 75%
One of the highest premium crown and bridge products containing 75% Gold.