How We Manufacture Our High Quality Removables

Less than 25% of dental labs use Injection as a standard process for fabricating Removables?


At Mabel Dental Lab we pride ourselves on using consistent processes when manufacturing our high quality Removables. One way that we achieve this is by using DENTSPLY’s Success Injection System. We use this process at no extra charge for all of our Standard and Premium cases! Other labs mostly use the less accurate press packing method or often charge a premium/surcharge for injection. In fact, in many cases they may charge an additional $100 or more for injection on top of their regular finish price!

We made the decision back in 2010 to only use injection on Standard and Premium cases because we believed that providing our smile Partners with the best quality at the best price just made ‘cents’! At Mabel Dental Lab we don’t cut any corners and so we provide consistent quality, affordable and timely restorations combined with personalized service without ever sacrificing quality.

If you are not familiar with the Injection process and why it’s superior, it works like this:

Success Injection System   Success Injection






DENTSPLY’s high pressure Success® Injection System drives resin into a closed flask (see above animation), delivering precise replication of the model. Closed-flask injection virtually eliminates the chance for change in vertical dimension of occlusion. And, by injecting resin under a continuous pressure, the resin fills all voids completely and compactly, eliminating the need for trial press packing (lower quality). Watch the system in action here!

Why Injection is Superior

  • Precision that means few, if any, adjustments necessary to properly occlude a case
  • Significantly more accurate and faster than standard compression molding techniques
  • Scientifically proven higher dimensional accuracy than the traditional press/packing technique (check with your current lab on their process and pricing)
  • Low residual monomer content and improved material compaction

Success Injection System Facts

Quality Assurance

Mabel Dental Lab always put you our Smile Partner and patient first. We provide you with the highest quality affordable restorations in the industry paired with excellent service. Every case that leaves our laboratory is thoroughly inspected to ensure it passes all of our Quality Control tests. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranty every case although we are confident that you will rarely ever have to use it!

Tooth Options

Kulzer Artic Teeth

Heraeus Artic Teeth   Strong. Beautiful. Economical.
That’s the hallmark of our standard tooth line from Heraeus. Never before has an economy tooth displayed the natural color and translucence of Artic. The multi-layer design is available in the most popular moulds and all shades from A1 through D4. Artic is made using a patented injection compression manufacturing process that produces a dense, hard material without voiding, with extremely clean cuts and superior finish. With strikingly natural color and translucence, and produced using INCOMP manufacturing technology for durability and consistency, Artic denture teeth allow for beautiful value-driven restorations. Multi-layered anatomic design permits perfect adaptation to existing dentition and to complete dentures.Artic teeth are produced with a high degree of translucency and multiple options in the posterior moulds.

Artic Tooth Mould Chart

Ivoclar BlueLine

IvoClar BlueLine TeethBlueLine by Ivoclar Vivadent is our tooh of choice for all premium dentures. Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth have always been known for superior esthetics. The secret lies in the natural layering. Since natural teeth have different dentin and incisal layers, BlueLine denture teeth reproduce these layers for natural esthetics. Designed for any removable or implant restoration, BlueLine denture teeth easily blend next to natural teeth in partial denture cases, or give the complete denture wearer a beautifully natural and esthetic appearance. They also come with a 10 Year Warranty from Ivoclar!

BlueLine Tooth Mould Chart

Gold & Specialty Teeth*

We are also proud to offer a variety of gold and specialty teeth from Starlight Mfg. Contact us today as there are many more options available!


*Please note: speciality teeth are non-returnable items and are custom made per request.