Free Shipping – Both Ways!                                                     

To ensure successful and timely completion of your case, please complete the following steps:

1. Print and complete a Prescription

Print and complete the Prescription Rx (.pdf) for the type of case you are sending to us. We offer a variety of Prescription Rx that are customized for certain product and service offerings. Completely fill out the prescription, checking all the required boxes to ensure that your Rx specifications are met.

2. Pack the Case

Packaging Single and Multiple Cases

  • Always pour alginate impressions in stone before shipping to the lab to avoid distortion and inaccuracies.
  • Separate multiple impressions/models to prevent breakage.
  • Secure bites, crowns or other small items especially implant parts in a small bag or container.
  • Combine as many cases as possible into 1 box or you may even tape 2 boxes together.
  • Pack with bubble wrap or foam and enclose the signed prescription. Make sure contents are secure and won’t shift.
  • Separate multiple cases in plastic bags, and staple its prescription to the outside of each bag for accurate identification.
  • Seal the box securely with packing tape

3. Prepare the Shipping Label

If you have already been supplied with our pre-paid shipping labels, simply attach the provided UPS shipping label or our local courier label to the outside of any box.

If you are a new Smile Partner and do not yet have our Free shipping labels, please call us at 1.877.622.3533. Our shipping labels can be forwarded to your office quickly via email or fax.

4. Ship Your Case Free*

For Local Smile Partners – Schedule Case Pickup
If your office is within our servicing area in NE Ohio we offer a free local courier service.
Please call us toll-free 1.877.622.3533 to schedule an in-office case pickup and to get further instructions.
*if you need to schedule a pick-up with our local courier after-hours, please click here.

For Nationwide Smile Partners – UPS
We have partnered with UPS to make shipping and receiving from our laboratory as easy as possible.
Simply give your package to any UPS driver or drop your package off at a local UPS Store or UPS Drop-box.
UPS Tracking: To track a shipment sent to us via UPS, simply click here and enter your tracking number.
*If you need to schedule a UPS pick-up, please call us 1.877.622.3533. There is a $7 pick-up fee but the shipping is free.


When you need more of our local courier or UPS shipping labels, simply contact us directly. It is important that you order UPS shipping labels only through our shipping department rather than calling UPS directly. This will ensure that your labels are completed accurately so that your cases arrive as scheduled and that you are not accidentally billed by UPS.

We will provide you with everything you need including Prescription Rx forms, complimentary shipping labels, fee schedule, packing materials and our infamous purple boxes.

Call Today – 1.877.622.3533 to start receiving high quality, affordable and timely restorations!