Smile Partner Referrals

Refer. Reward. Repeat.
Thanks for spreading the word about our services.

Want a $100 Giant Eagle® Gift Card?gianteagleWe will give you a $100 Giant Eagle® Gift Card for simply going to the Dentist and referring Mabel Dental Lab!

Simply follow these easy instructions:

    1. Print this page or printer friendly document and complete the required information.
    2. Give this completed referral form to your Dentist or any Dentist.
    3. Instruct the Dentist to include this form when they send their first case to our lab.
    4. Once we receive this form and a case from the Dentist, we will send you a $100 Giant Eagle® Gift Card!

If you have any questions, please email us at  or simply call us at 234.678.5340.

*Required Information – Referral Form

 *First Name:
 *Last Name:
 *Phone Number (if we need to reach you):
 *Address (your gift card will be sent here):
*Email Address (to confirm receipt):
*Name of the Dentist you are referring:
all above fields are required. If not completely filled out, we cannot guarantee the referral

Instructions for Dental Office

  1. Simply attach the completed Referral Form to your first laboratory case and send it to our lab.
  2. We will then ensure that the individual who referred you receives a $100 Giant Eagle® gift card.

Please use the coupons below if you wish and if you have any questions, visit us at or call us 877.622.3533. FREE Shipping! 
We look forward to working with you and your office and you becoming a “Smile Partner!”

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Terms and Conditions:
Dentist must not be a current Smile Partner (customer) of Mabel Dental Lab. This form is not transferrable. This form may only be used once per dentist. We value your privacy and will not use your information other than the intended purpose noted here. Mabel Dental Lab is not responsible for activation or maintenance of the Giant Eagle Gift Card or for any gift cards that are lost or stolen. Invalid or duplicate requests will not be honored. Mabel Dental Lab reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify, suspend or terminate the offer at any time. By participating in the offer, individuals agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and the decisions of Mabel Dental Lab which are final and binding, including any decisions concerning any violation or non-satisfaction of these terms and conditions. Individual also agrees that Mabel Dental Lab shall have no obligation to provide, and individual shall have no right to receive, a Giant Eagle gift card under this promotion unles individual first fulfills all requirements of this promotion.
Giant Eagle is not affiliated in any way with Mabel Dental Lab and does not endorse or sponsor this offer.