Here’s what our Smile Partners are saying:

I have a restorative cosmetic dental practice and have been using Mabel Dental lab since 2016 and I have been extremely happy with their professionalism, punctuality, and their quality! 
David W. Schlosser DDS, MAGD – President-Elect Ohio Academy of General Dentistry

One of the best choices we ever made was switching to your lab! Thank you for your great work and new friendship!
Victoria B. – Office Manager Cedar Family Dental

I wanted to thank you and your staff for making my patient Sharon very happy. I seated her dentures yesterday afternoon and the results were fantastic. I am grateful to the technician who was able to spend some extra time with her in order to achieve an outcome that Sharon was very pleased with. Please keep up the good work!
Dr. AJ Schechtman

The flipper seated with no adjustments. It was great!! Your lab does a tremendous job. I have had to use flippers for many occasions and I have never had any as good as the ones I receive from your lab. I really appreciate such good work. Thanks so much!
Dr. Cindy R.

The crowns are going great. No complaints at all. The crowns go in very smoothly with little or no adjusting.
Dr. Tim L.

I just wanted to mention what a great job your lab does. I’ve seated many crowns since 2010 and they have all been perfect so far! 
Dr. Amy Taylor

We seated Cheryl’s bridge today…it was absolutely perfect and she LOVED it!
Dr. Laura Walsh

I couldn’t be happier with the E.max shade matching both anterior and posterior. Most patients are so impressed that they cannot tell what is a natural tooth and what is not.
Dr. David Daniel

I wish that I was 30 years younger so that I could have been using your lab when I opened my practice! You’re one of the best labs that I’ve ever used!
Dr. Paul Mehes

I seated an immediate denture case and wanted to let you know that the case turned out extremely well and needed little to no adjustments. I was concerned with her having balanced anterior occlusion but it turned out very well! The patient was so happy. Thank you for your attention to detail on this and every case!
Dr. Emily Zeisler

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