Mabel Dental Lab is happy to offer a wide variety of repairs* including:

  • Reline – Hard or Soft Liner
  • Rebase
  • Add teeth to existing dentures/partials
  • Replace missing or lost teeth
  • Add teeth to partial dentures to replace extracted natural teeth
  • Repair fractures
  • Repair/Add metal clasps on frameworks/metal partials (Laser Weld)
  • Add flexible clasps to existing metal partials
  • Add Itsoclear Clasps to existing metal partials
    *We do not recommend repairs on Flexible Partials, in certain circumstances we can complete them but unfortunately we are unable to guarantee the repair. Please call before sending.


Laser Welding

Mabel Dental Lab brings you the technological innovation of laser welding for cast removable partial dentures. We can repair most cases without damage to existing porcelain or acrylic teeth. No soldering needed because laser welding joins parent metals, we do not have to introduce solder.


Preparation for adding teeth to a partial

Please be sure to take a pick-up impression when sending a partial to have a tooth added. With the case in place in the mouth, take an alginate impression. Remove the case from the mouth in the impression and remove all pastes or adhesives from the tissue of the case before pouring the model. Additionally, be certain that the partial is seated fully in the impression material before pouring the stone. Pour the model promptly and forward it to us with instructions to add the missing tooth or teeth.

Itsoclear Clasps

Want to offer your patients a non-metal clasp alternative? Try Itsoclear! They are easily adjustable, non-abrasive, crystal clear and will not lost clarity. They are also more affordable and there’s a quicker turnaround than laser welding, so contact us to today to learn more!


Here’s a testimonial about Itsoclear directly from a patient:

“I couldn’t afford dental implants and I had no other choice but to get a partial denture for my missing teeth. I have had a metal partial for a few years now so I immediately expressed to my dentist my fear of smiling and seeing a metal object in my mouth. He put my nerves at ease explaining to me about the Itsoclear clasp and how they are invisible in the patient’s mouth. I have had my new partial for almost a year now and I can’t believe how nice it is not to have to think before smiling. I would recommend Itsoclear clasp to anyone needing a partial denture.” – Shirley W.

Read more about Itsoclear here.